woensdag 25 november 2009

kijk eens door het raampje,het uitzicht.....Oooooh.

Klik hier en kom binnen..

2 opmerkingen:

  1. leuk blog dank je voor de tip, heb je de sneeuw op haar foto's gezien? prachtig ik hoop op een witte kerst, lieve groet Irma

  2. Hello Miranda, yes honey you can use some of my pictures....but make sure they are mine and not the ones from my mosaic (as they are not mine) but from my flikr group :)

    I love your blog honey....very stylish - especially with the snow falling...that is such a lovely touch.

    I am going to be doing something with twigs again this christmas...if only I can find the room to put it :)

    Thanks for your kind comments honey :)

    We love Holland here at the Happy House, we used to go to Amsterdam about once a month when we had our clothing business and made so many friends...we wanted to move there :D

    Happy christmas to you and yours

    Love Happy xx